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 Upcoming anime featuring hot dudes in the pool. Anticipating lots of nosebeed-inducing moments. Please don't disappoint!!!


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During my annual leave from 17 Dec 2012 - 2 Jan 2013, aside from falling sick, I managed to complete the following animes. Not too bad if I have to say so myself. *grins*

Total : 24+1 (recap) episodes

It all started as a visual novel aka interactive fiction game which then resulted in some spin-offs or sequels.  Anyway, Earth has been invaded by aliens called BETA, who chomp humans as a snack, and mankind attempts to defeat them or risk extinction. Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse is about the trials (& tribulations??) of a group of Tactical Surface Fighters test pilots. TSFs (think mecha-tech) are weapons developed by mankind fight against BETAs.

Typical mankind vs alien warfare but it boasts excellent graphics and the soundtrack rocks. There is action, gore and romance and I liked the fact that it did not turn out to be a sappy, love story.The beginning of the series already had me at the edge of my seat with anxiety and frustration. This production managed to keep me interested all the way to the end which I must say is a feat by itself.

Sword Art Online
Total : 25 episodes

This tells of players who are trapped in the world of virtual reality when they logged on to a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online but found that they could not log out unless they clear the final stage. I had my reservations with this but after the 2nd or 3rd episode, I was hooked. It was delightfully easy to watch and very, very entertaining.

Of course it helped that the male protagonist, Kirito is drawn so adorably cute (he's 16, if memory serves me correct).

Total : 13 episodes

I'm kinda undecided about this one. I had difficulty getting into this anime, partly because the storyline in the beginning was really confusing. I was struggling to keep up with it but I persevered due to one awesome character in this anime - Suou Mikoto aka The Red King. This is one uber cool dude. I'm 50 - 50 with the ending though. I'd say it's a meh ending yet totally appropriate. Hence what I meant by undecided. LOL!!

But one thing for sure is, the soundtrack (as in the music played throughout the anime, not the OP or ED) is excellent!!

Total : 22 episodes

I like this anime just because it is beautifully drawn, and the storyline is very simple. It's a story of a boy, Oreki Houtarou, who joins the Classic Literature Club at the start of his high school years, as a favour for his sister who was a former member, as the club is at risk of being abolished if it has no new members.

Oreki's motto in life is to use the least effort to complete his tasks which he coins as energy-saving. This anime depicts how he changes little by little as he interacts with the rest of the club members. Despite being in the Classics Literature Club, Oreki and the club members are always solving little puzzles that they come across during school. Do note that there is no major action or mystery but nonetheless, it's a nice anime and worth watching if you have the time to spare.

Say I Love You
Total : 13 episodes

This is originally a manga (which is ongoing) and made into an anime. It tells of a loner, Mei, who keeps to herself in school, and how the most popular boy in school, Yamato, becomes interested in her. During this time, Yamato slowly drags Mei out of her shell and she starts making friends and falls for him as well.

This is a sappy love story but one I enjoyed a lot. It's just so cute how Mei & Yamato's love blossom. He He He....



Dec. 1st, 2012 10:01 pm
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I just sat through 25 episodes of Fate/Zero in one sitting. I'm tired and my ass hurts.

And I don't know how to react to this anime. WTF was my initial reaction. After 10 minutes of pondering, I went, 'Huh??".

Spoiler )
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An anime about law enforcers ala Minority Report, which happens to be one of my all-time favourite movie. I watched one episode and I'm already hooked. Interesting characters (It has my prerequisite of a hot, brooding protagonist . Kya~~~~. IMO, he resembles Kyoya Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.), interesting plot, excellent animation and great ED theme by supercell.

Enough said. Check it out. More info on trusty Wiki here.


A group of the online combat game, Btooom!, players who gets abducted and thrown onto a deserted island to play the game for real. A dream come true.......NOT!! It's a survival of the craftiest.

Do note that there's a couple of flashbacks on how each main character was picked and landed themselves on the island. I don't know how many there'll be cos I'm only at episode 4. But so far, it has been quite interesting AND bloody. ^^;;

I hope they manage to keep me interested cos we're talking about a bunch of people on an island with nothing else to do but to kill enough opponents to get them off the god-forsaken steam room.

Wiki page here.

I'm also watching Bakuman 3 and K!. Despite all the hype about K, I have not progressed beyond episode 1 so I cannot really comment yet. I think I'll go watch K after this post. ^_^

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From Wikipedia: The story revolves around four teens — the twins Yūta and Yūki Asaba, the effeminate Shun Matsuoka, and the class head Kaname Tsukahara — who have known each other since early childhood. While they are not necessarily good or bad friends, they continue to hang out well into high school. The half-Japanese transfer student Chizuru Tachibana joins the circle of friends in this comedy about the everyday life of adolescence.

To be honest, I did not plan to watch Kimi to Boku (Season 1 & 2, 13 episodes each) because I was thinking how interesting can an anime about the life of a few regular teenagers be??

But I turned out to be so wrong. Indeed, there is no drama or suspense but the story is so heartwarming, cute and real - it's something everyone can relate to - which I suspect is one of the reason why the anime/manga is so well received. Made me wish my teenage years were similar and that I had friends growing up. Do check out this feel-good anime!!

And their soundtrack is really cool - laidback and relaxing.

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It's an adaptation of a manga series by Masakazu Katsura. As of now, there's a total of 17 volumes to the tankoubon and is still ongoing. Do note that the anime is of a mature genre with it's fair share of violence and gore.

The anime is not a faithful adaptation of the manga, and will only be 12 episodes long. (There's a lot to squeeze in....) Can't wait to see how that turns out. The anime is currently at episode 5, which is equivalent to around chapter 38 - 39 70 - 87 of the manga.

The story traces the origins of two rival heroes - Zetman, born with the ability to transform into a monstrous figure, with superhuman strength, and Kouga, heir to Amagi Corp - a wealthy technological empire, with his specially designed suits and weapons. They fight to protect mankind and destroy monstrous abominations known as Players. These Players were created by Amagi Corp, as an intent to create perfect artificial humans. However Players ended up becoming a hobby for rich men to bet on them, gambling as they were pitted against other monsters to fight. Players finally gained awareness and killed off everyone in sight and escaped. 

Fans of the manga seem to hate the anime. I first saw the anime and then checked out the manga. I am undecided as I like both of them a lot - the artwork for the manga & anime is beautiful, the storyline is pretty good. Some parts got me bawling. (embarrassed) In fact I'm a bit pissed that there is no English version of Zetman manga (I think) as it's definitely worth adding to my collection.

Do check it out if you have the time to spare. ;)

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Remember how months back I recced an anime, Guilty Crown?

Er....I'll take that back. I had high hopes for it cos it was being likened to Code Geass which in my opinion is one of the best anime ever. It's probably my all time favorite.

I'll give it points for great animation and music.... And I really, really liked Gai Tsutsugami. Sigh..... But the story fell flat after a while. For me, it went downhill from episode 11 onwards. *pouts*

I held on and hoped for a miracle which sadly, did not quite happen. I still like Gai after all this though..... I'm such a sucker for blonds. LOL!!!

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Fu fu fu.....Just found another 2 awesome animes to watch. *drumroll.......*


The story of Guilty Crown is set in Tokyo, 2039. After the outbreak of the unidentified virus "Lost Christmas" in 2029, Japan has been under the control of a multinational organization called GHQ.  Ouma Shu is a 17 year old boy whose life changes after he meets a girl named Yuzuriha Inori, a member of a resistance guerrilla group. He acquires an ability called the "power of kings" that allows him to draw out weapons from another person. (There are criterias as to from whom he can draw out these weapons but will be explained in the anime.) He reluctantly joins the guerilla resistance group, "Funeral Parlor" which aims to restore Japan's independence from GHQ.

Guilty Crown has been compared to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. I do see some similarities (ie: school boy protagonist, resistance cell, mechatech, supernatural powers) but overall both animes are pretty different. Code Geass is way darker, and speaks of deception and manipulation while Guilty Crown, up til now, speaks of resistance and hope.

Why I like Guilty Crown :
1) Most important (for moi), great artwork and special effects
2) Plot is a bit typical but then we're only at episode 6. Who knows, Guilty Crown may spring an awesome plot and blow us out of our pants like CG.
3) Though currently a bit predictable, it still managed to get me all excited and anticipating the next moment
4) I foresee some good drama in this anime on top of the action

Oh, the protagonist - Ouma Shu - bears an uncanny resemblance to Sora of Kingdom Hearts. So cuteeeee...... :)


The second will be UN-GO, which is a detective series. It has some supernatural factors in it, which kinda reminds me of another equally awesome anime,  Psychic Detective Yakumo. IMO, it's not as good (yet) as Yakumo, but still worth watching.

The setting of the story is a postwar, future Tokyo that still bears the scars of war. Ruling the land is Media King Rinroku Kaishou, who through politics and industry has the communications infrastructure under his thumb. Kaishou uses the art of deduction and the massive amount of information at his fingertips to lead to the solution of a great number of cases. But there's an underside to Kaishou's brilliant deduction work, which is that Shinjuurou Yuuki is the one who actually uncovers "the truth" in those cases.

However, the public doesn't know this and thus refers to Shinjurou as the "Defeated Detective". Still, Shinjuurou, together with Inga, can't help but search for the truth.

The true mystery, for moi, besides the regular case solving, would be who is Inga and how did he/she came into Suinjirou's life. All we know at this point was that Inga had saved Shinjirou.

So f-list, if you are bored and do not mind chasing for weekly episodes, do give the above 2 animes a try. ^_^

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Woohoo!! Another awesome anime - I sat thru' all 25 episodes, 5 omakes and one OVA in 2 days!!
As usual, the following is copied from Wiki :

The story revolves around Rin Okumura, along with his younger twin brother Yukio, was raised by Father Shiro Fujimoto. Soon after Yukio departs to study at the prestigious True Cross Academy, Rin learns that he is the son of Satan, the strongest of all demons. Witnessing Shiro dying to protect him, Rin ends up doing what his guardian asked him never to do: draw the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, which restrains his demonic powers, from its scabbard. From that moment on, Rin not only gains permanent demonic features like fangs, pointed ears and a tail, but also the power to ignite himself into blue flames that can destroy anything they touch.

At Shiro's funeral, Rin has an encounter with Mephisto Pheles, who agrees with Rin's wish to become an Exorcist like his guardian to take revenge on Satan. Rin enrolls at the True Cross Academy, which is actually the Japanese branch of an international organization dedicated to protect the human realm, Assiah, from demons and other creatures from the demon realm, Gehenna. Rin takes part in a special Exorcist course, the existence of which is known only by a few. Much to his surprise, he finds that his brother Yukio is already a veteran Exorcist and will be one of his teachers......

Though the plot seems a bit typical, the anime has the right amount of humour, drama and action. The protagonist, Rin, a 'delinquent' possessing abnormal strength who constantly skips school and gets into fights, does not come across as annoying. In fact, I find him to be a very likeable character. The same goes for his twin, Yukio. He is the complete opposite of Rin, and bonus points for being voiced by the ever awesome Fukuyama Jun. *swoons*

Back to the anime - the pace of the plot is really good, the story builds up nicely to the climax. And there are some really touching scenes which involves a certain cat. Moreover the artwork and animation is great. I checked out the manga and the character designs look like the originals. (Now if only Burial & Gaiden were done with the same standard.....Sigh....)

And I almost forgot - great OP & ED themes too.

So to my f-list who have not watched this, and is looking for a good anime to pass some time, I STRONGLY recommend Ao No Exorcist, ^_^

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Usually I'd copy excerpts from Wiki but I found this blogger's description gives the most accurate overview. Hence I've copied it for this post.

Plot : A quick overview of C tells us that selected people are invited by Misakaki–a mysterious man who perpetually smirks, and pops out of nowhere–to become Entrepreneur or Entres in The Financial District. Every Entrepreneur receives an Asset who will help him succeed his Deals. Their transactions make use of the Midas money, and it is only through winning a Deal or by information exchange that an Entre profits. Further, the effects of the Midas Money on the reality remains unknown and there’s so much apprehension about what could happen if this black note continues to circulate the real world. If there’s anything confirmed, it is that in every Deal being conducted, the person’s reality is being gambled and his future is being used as the collateral—this also means that the possibility of anyone who’s connected to the Entre is also being ventured and could be impacted by the consequences of the deal.
(Entry by SnippetTee here.)

I just sat through the entire 11 episodes. It started off a bit confusing for me, but I soon got the hang of it by episode 3. (I think partly cos I know nuts about Economics.) However by episode 8, I had a few questions and started wondering if they can wrap up the story nicely in another 3 episodes. At episode 11, I was like, "Oh okayyyyyy......Kimimaro bought back the future. So what happened to the rest of the characters, ie Mikuni??".

I'm having mixed feelings about this anime - I liked it's pace cos it did not drag out the story and bore you, yet at the same time I find that some parts were not properly wrapped up/explained. And the 2 main characters' (Kimimaro & Mikuni) view of present and it's effect on the future is very interesting. Some called it a thought-provoking anime. At one point I do agree but the more I think about it, the more confused I got. Hence this half-assed post cos I can't seem to gather my thoughts and make a proper conclusion. :(

To whomever who has watched this anime, care to share your thoughts?
On second thought, this post is kinda dumb, so nevermind. 

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Cool anime that I just discovered. To date 6 episodes released and still ongoing......

Plot copied from Wiki :
The series takes place in a fictional re-imagined version of New York City called Sternbild City, where 45 years before, individuals with superpowers called "NEXT" started appearing and some of them became superheroes. Each of city's most famous superheroes work for a sponsor company and their uniforms also contain advertising for real-life companies. Their heroic activity is broadcasted on the popular television show "Hero TV", where they accumulate points by each feat accomplished and the best ranked hero of the season is crowned "King of Heroes". The story mainly focuses on veteran hero Kotetsu T. Kaburagi aka Wild Tiger who is assigned with a new partner, a young man named Barnaby Brooks Jr. However, Barnaby and Kotetsu usually have trouble working together as they have conflicting opinions on how a superhero should act.

Best part is the veteran superhero, Wild Tiger, is voiced by our very own Sha Gojyo, Hiroaki Hirata. Squeeeee................

Besides the above, I like the anime cos :
1- artwork is gorgeous
2- great  CGI
3- humour on top of the usual action

Also this anime has lots of product placements, which fits into the anime so well. Cos they're superheroes on live TV! Get it? LOL!!

Lastly, why is this anime ridiculously called Tiger & Bunny? Cos Wild Tiger likes to call Barnaby 'Bunny-chan". ^_^
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I did not want to watch it at all. Because I liked the first anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist, that was released in 2003 even though the storyline differed from the manga.

However I succumbed after holding out for so long, and I'm glad that I did. This anime is awesome, all 64 episodes of it. I loved both the protagonists as well as the antagonists. The characters are that good you can't help but love them.

This anime has brought me joy, laughter as well as sadness and tears.

And don't get me started on the OP and ED theme songs. They are all equally brilliant. Sighs blissfully............

So I'm making this post to help me remember this anime and my favourite characters. )
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Hello people!! Happy Holidays!!!!

I'm currently watching a new anime - Psychic Detective Yakumo. It's still ongoing but it's really awesome. (It ends at 13 episodes) It has suspense, mystery and angst with a teeny, weeny bit of romance, if you squint hard enough. :)

It's about a college student, Yakumo Saitou who was born with mismatched eyes. His red left eye has the ability to see ghosts and spirits and typical in animes he uses this 'talent', most of the time, unwillingly to help the police.

More than that, Yakuma has a mysterious past and as the story unfolds, it becomes really interesting. I can't say too much without revealing the plot so I implore you people to give it a go. Not our typical bishounen fare but it's cool. I'm like chasing for new episodes every week.

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WTF!!!!! It ends at episode 12. Uwahhhhhhhhh!!!!! That's too short. But...........................................

Major spoiler )
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Hi f-list

My Aussie pal is keen to watch some English dubbed anime.

Can anyone recommend some series that have been dubbed and on which site they are available?

I usually watch the Jap versions so I dun know too much about these.

Thanks in advance!!!!
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Spoiler.....^^ )

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Spoilers much.............. )


Aug. 1st, 2010 09:31 pm
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I found out about this manga/anime from [ profile] pixie_blade and decided to check it out.

Mind you, I have seen this manga appearing in my Zero-Sum magazines which I have been faithfully subscribing since Jan 2010 and did not paid any attention to it. Anyway I'm so glad I did. (On a side note, these Zero-Sum magazines are so darn thick, I'm running out of storage space!!)

It's very nice!!!! In the beginning, I thought the protagonist looks a bit weird - what's with those huge eyes but I grew to love it after 3 episodes? or less.....

What's so nice about this series?? I dunno exactly - just that the characters, the storyline and the animation appeals to me.

And I checked out the artbook over at BL Academy and the art is gorgeous - rich, colourful and kinda abstract (that's how I'll describe it).

Anyway this has been a very fruitful weekend. I sat thru' 16 episodes of Uraboku (that's another story) and all 13 episodes of Amatsuki. It's kinda sad that the production of the anime was abandoned due to some drug scandal. Anyway that's what I gathered from searching online. If that's true, with all due respect, this is one thing I can never understand about their culture..... Sigh.

Anyway all this is possible, thanks to [ profile] pixie_blade . Because of her (in good faith, of course) she has helped me discover Kuroshitsuji (kya~~~), 07-Ghost, Hakuoki Shinsengumi (drools) and now Amatsuki. My next target should be Monochrome Factor... I think., on top of checking out the rest of the Amatsuki manga. And why the bloody f--- is this not translated???


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Eeep!!!  I just watched The Black Butler Season 2 episode 1.

Dun like the new master, Alois Trancy - creepy kid - but the new butler, Claude Faustus, reminds me of the Grim Reaper -  William T. Spears. ^^

But the best part is................... we get to see Sebastian and Ciel again. Woohoo!!!!!

*pumps fists in the air and does the happy dance*


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