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 Hello everyone

Just an update to let everyone know that I'm still lurking around.

Work is still crazy but good news is I'm planning for a 2 week holiday to Japan in early Oct. It's just the start of autumn in the Kanto region where Tokyo is but I should be able to catch a glimpse of the autumn colours in Nikko & Sendai (Tohoku region) which is further up north.

Hopefully this will be an even better trip then the last. I barely planned my itinerary and the weather did not help (winter - brrrrr).

Stay healthy & happy, people. Hugs to all.


Oct. 20th, 2012 07:57 pm
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This conversation happened a few days ago.

Son : Mom, have you watched the movie, The Human Centipede?
Moi : LOL!! You're joking. There's no such movie.
Son : There is!! I'm serious!!
(Please note that these "you're kidding"s and "I'm not"s went back & forth for quite a while)
Moi : Right...... So what's it about?
Son : It's a horror film.
Moi : Hmmm.... go on.
Son : There is this mad scientist who kidnaps and surgically joins 3 persons, mouth to anus.
Moi : Shut up!! That's so lame. You're bluffing!!
Son : (laffs) No, really. Here.... (passes me his iPhone) I wiki-ed it for you.
Moi : (reads)....................................What.The.Fuck?!! (Bad mom curses in front of son. LOL!!) Who the fuck makes this type of crap??!!
Son : Well, this Dutch (Moi : It's actually German) director did.
Moi : And you watched it??
Son : For the 1st 30 minutes. Then my friend and I skipped to the ending.
Moi :  So what happened?
Son : The first person and the last person died. The one in the middle survived. I bet she wished she was dead!! (laffs)
Moi : I think I'm gonna throw up. So what happened to the mad scientist??
Son : I dunno. I think he escaped.
Moi : You mean he didn't die??? (Moi : He was killed. I read the whole damn wiki entry in the end just to make this post.)
Son : I'm not sure cos I skipped all the way to the end. (snorts)

The conversation went on for a while. Actually it's one sided. I was going on and on about why these people (if you can call them that) are allowed to make such disturbing movies. And I also told my son that I'm embarrassed that he actually watched such crap. He defended himself saying they were really bored and they did not watch the whole show. Yeah....whatever. My tirade went on for a while and my son was pretty amused. Such directors should be shot!!

Google it, ladies and gentlemen. It's for real........ *headdesks*

I'm alive

Aug. 17th, 2012 01:49 pm
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Hi everyone

Just a quick update on what I've been up to since going on lurker mode.

It's still work, work and more work. Things seem to be slowing down so hopefully I'll be able to find more time for myself.

Some good news would be my company finally got me a 13" MacBook Air (maybe to compensate me for the ridiculous hours I put in) and I'm thinking of getting a Gelaskin for it. What do you think of the following pic?

Other than that, I have picked up another new "obsession" which is figurine collecting. I started this in late Feb this year. For those interested, you can see my collection here at MyFigureCollection(MFC). I've stuffed all my figurines in an unused wardrobe for now. The joke in my family now is that I am so broke from buying these figurines, I have no more money to buy display cabinets. LOL!!!

If you noticed, most of my figurines are male. And I only buy figurines of animes/mangas I have watched/read, otherwise I'd probably have to sell my husband and son to supplement this hobby.

There's also some drama between my elder brother's wife and my 70 year old mom but I'll spare you the torture. :P

And there's my son who is going through this weird phase where he goes on and on about there is nothing he wants to do in his life but music. (He's at the point where he needs to decide which course of study to take after his O levels.) This mommy is not too keen as I don''t think it's very practical but son is not listening. Regardless, I told son he should focus on his O levels for now.

On top of the above, I try to squeeze in some time to catch up on fanfics cos that seems to be the only other escape I have for now. I'm so pathetic, aren't I? Ha Ha Ha

I'm actually typing this from my workplace, so gotta go now. Take care & hugs to all!! *muack*

I'm back!!!

Feb. 1st, 2012 02:17 pm
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Hello lovelies

I'm back!! 3 weeks passed so fast.
As my last post was done in a hurry, I did not have time to share my itinerary with you all. Well, better late than never.

8 Jan - 11 Jan : I was in Colorado Springs for work
12 Jan - 15 Jan : I was in Phoenix, Arizona for a conference, also work related
16 Jan - 25 Jan : I was in Tokyo for vacation ^___^

The sad thing is I did not get to look around during my trip to the States cos work kept me very busy. Tough luck. But from a quick drive-thru that I  managed to squeeze in during my trip to Colorado Springs, Garden of The Gods is breathtakingly beautiful. And the town beside Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, is such a quaint and lovely place. I wanted to kick myself for not arranging an extra day to walk around. So much to explore. Dang!!

There is nothing I can share about Phoenix as it was a case of from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport straight to JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort where I was "locked up" for all 4 days. :P

But I managed to squeeze in some shopping in US afterall. That's what we women are good at regardless the limitations. Bought 3 pairs of leather boots at USD169 (b4 tax) per pair compared to SGD300 at least. Bought a Coach handbag at USD295 (b4 tax), New Era cap for son at USD34 (b4 tax) compared to SGD89, beats by Dr Dre earphones at USD99 (dunno the price in SG but I know it's definitely more expensive). Whoot!!

Tokyo was beautiful. Weather was freaking cold - My son and I survived without thermal wear. Whoot!! - hence we rarely stayed out past 7pm. What a waste, right? But since I'm not into nightspots and my son is not of legal age yet, so no love lost.... I think. Yet I would have loved to go to the bay at night to look at the Rainbow Bridge. (I sort of saw Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge on my last night when we were on the way to Haneda airport so not all is lost. LOL!!)

Anyway, guess what we did to pass time in our hotel room? I introduced Guilty Crown and Blue Exorcist to my son and he was hooked almost immediately. So it was an anime marathon for us. Such otakus. Ha Ha Ha

We were at Ikebukuro, Akihabara (My fave to date. Went there 3 times in total!!), Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ometesando, Ginza, Ochanomizu and Asakusa.

Managed to travel "out of Tokyo" to Kamakura to see the Great Buddha at Kotoku-in & Kannon's temple, Hase-dera. They had many more shrines but 2 was our limit. He He. Anyway, Kamakura is a beautiful place and it is near the sea too. A must go place for all tourists.

Overall, Tokyo was about lots of walking and eating. Awesome city. Places that I did not get to go, which was in my supposed plan, were Nikko and Hakone.

Oh, and the dudes and dudettes in Japan. The dudes look so cool with hair that defies gravity. The dudettes can wear frickin' mini-skirts and shorts, with no leggings or stockings, in winter. Are they even human??? I was wearing jeans and when I'm in the washroom with my pants down, my thighs were ice cold. LOL!!

I don't know if I'd ever get any photos uploaded, so until then this is my brief update of my trip. And it's good to be back. ;)
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Hi - hi

Just wanna let you awesome people know that I'll be away on vacation for the next 3 weeks so I won't be online. I will miss you all.

*hugs to all*
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Anyone knows where I can find a store in Colorado Springs or Phoenix that carries a wide range of Moon Boots?
I have gone to some sites but most have a very limited range. I want a store that carries every single design and colour, or at least a wide range.

Crazy me is thinking of getting a pair or two during my trip there in early January, despite the fact that I live in an oven - Singapore!!!

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!!!

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Hi everybody

I have been having problems getting onto LJ recently. Something is wrong and the last time I googled, it seems I am not the only one.

For those who missed my lame and crappy comments to your posts, I'm still trying to get into LJ. I'll be back! LOL!!!

*hugs to all*


May. 22nd, 2011 08:29 pm
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I think comic publishers in general are complete arses.

I understand the concept of licensing titles. It's so that people will buy the comic when it is released. But what is the freaking point of hogging the god damn thing for years before releasing your publication???!!!

I want to read them now, or a 6 month wait is acceptable but 1 - 2 years?? What makes you think I'll still be interested in 2 years?

These people are nuts!!!


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I was out with my son, shopping. Saw this kid walking towards our direction, not more than 18 years old, wearing a t-shirt that says "I FUCK ON THE FIRST DATE".

My instant reaction - nudge my son, point at the shirt, said "Yeah, riteeeee" and LOLed in his face as he passed by.

Like, c'mon dude, everyone knows that's not gonna happen. What were you thinking???!!

And no, he was NOT hot.... at all. No matter how you squint.
Maybe if he was really cute, or good looking, the statement would have, at the very least, seemed believable. No?

Anyway, my son & I had a good laugh. ^_^

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Rolling In The Deep by Adele.
Awesome song. Enjoy!!!

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Hi all

Anyone has a higher resolution version of the pic below, preferably 600dpi and without the Jap text like the pic below?
This version that I have is from veronicacode but the resolution is kinda low.
My mug turned out not so nice.... :(

Any help is much appreciated.


Nov. 28th, 2010 09:34 am
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This is so cool........ ^_^
I'm now contemplating getting an Ipad just so I can G-Mask it too.
(I'm so shallow.........LOL!!)

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So there I was - packing and admiring my artbooks and mangas.

Vol 1 - 10 of Saiyuki Reload by Chuangyi - check
Vol 1 - 10 of Saiyuki Reload by ZeroSum - check
Vol 7 - 10 of Saiyuki Reload by TokyoPop....... where the fuck is my Vol 10?????

I spent 30 minutes hunting high and low looking for the elusive manga. I even called my son who was at a gathering to ask if he took it. I searched for a while more before giving up and continued with my packing.

5 minutes later............ I suddenly remembered that TokyoPop has not even released Vol 10. WTF??!!! WTF??!!! What the hell was I thinking?????

There you go. My bimbo moment of the week....................
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Thanks to lj-user, veronicacode, I've placed on order with her buying broker.

This has to be my most expensive T-shirt ever. The funny thing is I don't wear T-shirts in general cos they are unflattering. All my T-shirts are those fitted ones. But this being Saiyuki, I had to buy it!

Anyway all I need to do now is wait....
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I really hate posting stuff in Dreamwidth. Everything lags, sometimes the tool bar does not load correctly and where the hell is the Upload option for Insert/Edit Image????

Or am I the stupid one???

*bangs head on keyboard*
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Remember my post on 11 Sept 2010 about being stationed at the client's office and my colleagues thought I was a pushover???

Well, the great news is I have been offered a promotion with a modest but comfortable pay increment.  The catch though is I would have to be stationed at the client's office indefinitely.

Anyway I've decided to take up the offer. The job description sounds interesting enough, and even if I don't take it up, I'd still be stationed there until they hire  someone to take over the position. So why not??

So I guess a good thing did turn up from this. He He He. ^^
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I am bored out of my wits.....

And because of that, I will, in return, bore you with what I did last weekend. Starting with Saturday....
I had a yaoi anime smut fest!!! LOL!!!

I watched :
Okane ga Nai - OVAs 1 - 4
Sensitive Pornograph (What kinda title is that?? But it was fun!!)

Then I rewatched :
Haru wo Daiteita - OVAs 1 - 2
Koisuru Boukun - OVA 1

And finally I watched all 13 episodes of Yami no Matsuei! And I kinda liked it. The animation was not too bad seeing that it was released in 2000, and the storyline was quite interesting. However I dun think I will read the manga since it has been and is still in hiatus. :P

All these in one day! Woohoo!!! My eyes have never felt so tired.

Nothing much on Sunday though - all I did was pop over to Kinokuniya and placed my orders for 2011 calendars. They cost me SGD93 for Saiyuki, Code Geass & Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!

Oh, and I got to devour theprd's (of livejournal, for those not in the know) very late but very satisfying fic, Dirty Things - Chapter 4. If you have not read it, please do - but do note that it's a WIP.

That's all folks! Thank you for your time. ^_^

P/S Is there something wrong with Dreamwidth's posting today?? The f---ing toolbar is not appearing in full!!! Great!!! Now I am bored AND pissed!!
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This also acts as a test post to test that cross-posting is working for me. He He He

Anyone has any idea how I can import my current layout in LJ to DW? Or point me to the correct direction?

I would like to at least plaster the boys on the top of my journal. :)
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Water has never tasted so good.........


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Ever come across such scenarios....

Scenario 1
Boss : Suanz, could you stay back and do overtime today cos so-and-so has called in sick?
Suanz : Yeah, no problem.
Boss : Are you sure??
Suanz : ....................

Scenario 2
Boss : Suanz, I did not realise that Mon is a PH here in Australia, and you've applied leave on Mon. (Clarification : I'm in Singapore, you see). Our phonelines and emails will be unattended....... 
Suanz : You need me to cancel my leave? That's fine by me.
Boss : Can you... if it's not too much trouble?
Suanz : Yeah, it's ok. I can come to work on Mon. No worries.
Boss : Are you sure?
Suanz : ........................

And many more of such scenarios that I've lost track of.

My point? Why do people, in this case my Boss, keep asking if I'm sure when I've already said yes??
I would not say yes if I did not want to, no???
They're worried that I'd feel obligated and I'd forced myself to agree despite not wanting it??
Then they shouldn't have asked in the first place if they do not want to put me in a spot, isn't it?

Geez..... At times I really don't understand what goes thru their minds....... It's like being treated like a fickle-mindle child incapable of  making up her mind.

*rolls eyes*


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