Feb. 1st, 2012

I'm back!!!

Feb. 1st, 2012 02:17 pm
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Hello lovelies

I'm back!! 3 weeks passed so fast.
As my last post was done in a hurry, I did not have time to share my itinerary with you all. Well, better late than never.

8 Jan - 11 Jan : I was in Colorado Springs for work
12 Jan - 15 Jan : I was in Phoenix, Arizona for a conference, also work related
16 Jan - 25 Jan : I was in Tokyo for vacation ^___^

The sad thing is I did not get to look around during my trip to the States cos work kept me very busy. Tough luck. But from a quick drive-thru that I  managed to squeeze in during my trip to Colorado Springs, Garden of The Gods is breathtakingly beautiful. And the town beside Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, is such a quaint and lovely place. I wanted to kick myself for not arranging an extra day to walk around. So much to explore. Dang!!

There is nothing I can share about Phoenix as it was a case of from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport straight to JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort where I was "locked up" for all 4 days. :P

But I managed to squeeze in some shopping in US afterall. That's what we women are good at regardless the limitations. Bought 3 pairs of leather boots at USD169 (b4 tax) per pair compared to SGD300 at least. Bought a Coach handbag at USD295 (b4 tax), New Era cap for son at USD34 (b4 tax) compared to SGD89, beats by Dr Dre earphones at USD99 (dunno the price in SG but I know it's definitely more expensive). Whoot!!

Tokyo was beautiful. Weather was freaking cold - My son and I survived without thermal wear. Whoot!! - hence we rarely stayed out past 7pm. What a waste, right? But since I'm not into nightspots and my son is not of legal age yet, so no love lost.... I think. Yet I would have loved to go to the bay at night to look at the Rainbow Bridge. (I sort of saw Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge on my last night when we were on the way to Haneda airport so not all is lost. LOL!!)

Anyway, guess what we did to pass time in our hotel room? I introduced Guilty Crown and Blue Exorcist to my son and he was hooked almost immediately. So it was an anime marathon for us. Such otakus. Ha Ha Ha

We were at Ikebukuro, Akihabara (My fave to date. Went there 3 times in total!!), Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ometesando, Ginza, Ochanomizu and Asakusa.

Managed to travel "out of Tokyo" to Kamakura to see the Great Buddha at Kotoku-in & Kannon's temple, Hase-dera. They had many more shrines but 2 was our limit. He He. Anyway, Kamakura is a beautiful place and it is near the sea too. A must go place for all tourists.

Overall, Tokyo was about lots of walking and eating. Awesome city. Places that I did not get to go, which was in my supposed plan, were Nikko and Hakone.

Oh, and the dudes and dudettes in Japan. The dudes look so cool with hair that defies gravity. The dudettes can wear frickin' mini-skirts and shorts, with no leggings or stockings, in winter. Are they even human??? I was wearing jeans and when I'm in the washroom with my pants down, my thighs were ice cold. LOL!!

I don't know if I'd ever get any photos uploaded, so until then this is my brief update of my trip. And it's good to be back. ;)


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