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I'm officially nuts over Sanzo!! I think I can hear someone saying "You mean you dun know??!!" (You know who you are.)
How can someone go totally crazy over a manga character?!! No offense to the others who suffer the same predicament. LOL!

I am going to have my iPhone 4 skin changed from :


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Water has never tasted so good.........


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Hope you like your party hat. Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Hugs & kisses

[ profile] suanz
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Eeek!!! Tomorrow's Sanzo's birthday.
(I wanna have your babies???)

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2 userpics made with [ profile] sarubaby 's pictures.

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Dearest [ profile] sarubaby

Thank you so much for all the lovely drawings in your post. They are so cute!!
I just feel so happy looking at all of them.
You're such a darling. ^__^

Here's a sample of [ profile] sarubaby's lovely drawing :

Sanzo X Goku 2
created by: [ profile] sarubaby
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My latest Color Bar.... of my fave ikkou character!! :)

Sanzo is Love 2
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I made some more color bars. I think they turned out pretty well, ne.
However some improvements can still be made. I just need to spend a little more time experimenting.

Wheee.... I love making these. ♥♥♥♥♥


I only play for you


Host Club Love

Cute icon

Jun. 1st, 2009 10:37 pm
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The above icon is from triyune's journal. So cute!!
Anyone has any idea how I could add something like this onto my bio in my profile?
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You used to talk to me like
I was the only one around
You used to lean on me
The only other choice was falling down
You used to walk with me like
We had nowhere we needed to go
Nice & slow
To no place in particular

We used to have this figured out
We used to breathe without a doubt
When nights were, you were the first star that I'd see
We used to have this under control
We never thought we used to know
At least there's you
And at least there's me
Can we get this back
Can we get this back
To how it used to be?
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Oh what did you expect?
Oh tell me what did you expect?
To lay it on my head
So is it all upon my head?

Bang bang you're dead
Always so easily lead
Bang bang you're dead
Put all the rumours to bed
Bang bang you're dead
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Baby can't you see
I'm calling
A guy like you
Should wear a warning
It's dangerous....
I'm falling

There's no escape
I can't wait
I need a hit
Baby, give me it
You're dangerous
I'm luurving it......
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I am Genjo Sanzo!

Which Gensoumaden Saiyuki hero are you?
Find out at by Naoki.
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