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Remember my post on 11 Sept 2010 about being stationed at the client's office and my colleagues thought I was a pushover???

Well, the great news is I have been offered a promotion with a modest but comfortable pay increment.  The catch though is I would have to be stationed at the client's office indefinitely.

Anyway I've decided to take up the offer. The job description sounds interesting enough, and even if I don't take it up, I'd still be stationed there until they hire  someone to take over the position. So why not??

So I guess a good thing did turn up from this. He He He. ^^
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The story of my (work)life.....

Big client's Singapore office has been experiencing audio issues with our conferencing services. My company sends over our Australian representative who manages the client account.

The original deal was for 2 weeks but as the client suddenly requested for an extension of another week, and Aussie rep has to fly back as scheduled, it was decided that A who holds a managerial position in my office will have to take over for the remaining week.

Out of the blue, A's boss' boss' who is my boss' boss' boss' calls me (from here you can tell where I am in the food chain - below A). He starts the conversation with - Hi suanz, I'm now talking to you on my hands and knees....

Long story short - he wants me to go to the client's place instead. I was kinda surprised cos I know A was suppose to go, but I didn't ask him why the change in plans and accepted.

An email was sent out to related departments to notify the change of plans. Concerned fellow colleagues flock to my cubicle and started asking questions. I just shrugged and said "I dunno".

One of them said that I should have grown some balls and said no, cos it's not my job to do so. I was kinda taken aback. Reason - How the boss started the conversation (how do you reject that) and also I thought it'd be fun.

Apparently that's not how others see it. Their views vary between
a) I'm a doormat. I always say yes to my boss.
b) I'm just an executive, so should a person of my level be visiting clients??

And the question of the day - Did you ask him why A is not going?

Which I did not. Why? I dunno - I guess it's not my place to ask it, and even if I asked - he's not gonna tell me the truth. He'd probably give me some politically correct answers, no???

On top of that, My boss' boss' calls me and asked if I had any issues / questions / concerns (I can't remember the exact word he used.) I explained that I have yet to talk to the Aussie rep about the handover so I do not know if I should have any concerns yet. ????

Reason for this post - I'm beginning to feel yeah, maybe I'm allowing myself to be treated like a doormat. Do I not know how to say NO?? On the other hand, maybe it's because I don't care anymore? If my boss thinks I can do it, fine. I'll just do what I can. If I screw up, then too bad. I didn't volunteer, it's you who asked me to do it.

Since when did I become so pathetic / apathetic?? I can't even decide which one am I. Work sucks!!!!!

Think I'm a doormat too??? Let me know. I need a wake up call.


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