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Any WK fan watching Psycho-Pass?

Spoiler )
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I am okay with mpreg fics, really. But please do not make Zero wear a fucking dress with fucking make up and diamond earrings!! Was there high heels involved? I don't even want to go back to the fic to find out!! This author got me thinking, "Is this a mpreg fic or a Zero as drag queen fic?!".

The damn author should have just written a femZero instead, then he/she could dress Zero in frilly maternity dresses, false lashes and whatever else pregnant women wear!!

KNN!!! (curses in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect)
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Today started out shitty for me, and it got shittier as the day progressed. I just found out some really bad news and because I gave my word, I'm not gonna breathe a word. Not even online. :(

But thankfully, I have plentiful of Saiyuki fics to cheer me up.

I have [personal profile] rroselavy's Mad Season, [personal profile] kirathaune's The Reluctant Tourist, ljer - squallfan1's The Youkai Inside You and drabbles too.... ^^

Thank you, girls.


Weiß Kreuz

Feb. 2nd, 2011 08:31 pm
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I'm currently on leave to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and started reading some WK fics......and they're pretty good. ^^

I've read a couple of multi-chap fics (my fave) by Penguin-Sama on I think I'm more towards Aya/Yohji or Aya/Schuldig pairing.

Anyone has good recommendations of such fics, preferably multi-chap ones? Nothing like a good fic to while away the time.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi to my f-list

I've rec an abandoned fic at  [info]nitro_recs.

I know most people avoid such fics like the plague cos it leaves one hanging. 

So if anyone is game, please do have a look and let me know your thoughts.

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To fellow Saiyuki fanz

Check out [ profile] rroselavy 's birthday fic to [ profile] kansouame  - Sweet Charity.
It's a Hakkai/Gokyo fic with guest appearance by Sanzo and mentions of Goku. Squuuueeeee.....

It's super squee-worthy. As of now, I've already read it 3 times.

*runs around squeeing with flailing arms*

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I just reread all 33 chapters of [ profile] jakondas 's The Elemental Flame and it's still so much fun the second time.

I totally love the connection Sanzo has with Gojyo in this epic fic. Their attraction/love for each other is so intense that I secretly wish for such a relationship. LOL!!! And she manages this while keeping both of them totally IC, IMHO. Not an easy feat. ^_^

Please note that this is a WIP, so if you guys are apprehensive of reading WIPs, then you'd probably need to wait til she completes it.

Really good stuff. A big THANK YOU to [ profile] jakondas .

To [ profile] jakondas  -  this is just a random post of mine raving about stuff........again.  Please do not feel pressure of any kind. Hope your muse turns up soon. ;)

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I just reread [ profile] ditch_gospel 's fantabulous dark-fic, My Sun, My Supernova.

It's so gripping & emotional. Although the ending is f---ing sad & depressing, I think it's perfect. I absolutely love, love, love this fic.

As this is the festive season, I don't think it's right for me to recommend it at [ profile] nitro_recs , or to anyone for that matter. So people, please read at your own risk, if you have not read it before. I suggest better do it after X'mas/New Year. Ha Ha Ha

I just wanna say "Thank you" again to [ profile] ditch_gospel .

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Ever had an incident where you know the style of a particular fanfic author is not your cup of tea, yet you still go ahead and read another of the author's story out of curiosity???

Well - it happened to me. I cannot say that the author is bad - in fact the author is really good, I think(??). It's just kinda dark & depressing.

I simply cannot comprehend why the fuck I torment myself cos the last time I read this author's fic, I was fucking disturbed.

Anyway, despite that, I did not stop midway cos I had to know the ending right. No point being disturbed and not reading the entire story, right?? Afterall, I'm already affected/upset/whatever.

As expected, I was once again disturbed by the story. I tell myself - It's just a story. Snap out of it!!!! But it creeps into my mind now & then.

I really need to get a life. Sigh.........


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